We’ve received many enthusiastic inquiries regarding next year’s race. Here are some answers to some of the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) :

FAQ:  I live in Japan but cannot read/write Japanese very well. Can I use the overseas website to register for the race?

Answer:  Race applicants living in Japan are required to register for the race through the Japanese RUNNET website. The one exception however, is if you live in Japan but cannot read/write Japanese (and therefore are unable to use the Japanese race registration website), you may use the English or French RUNNET websites to register for the race.


FAQ:  What is RUNNET? Where can I find the English URL to this website?

Answer:  “RUNNET” is a race registration website. The English/French URL to the UTMF/STY race registration will be posted on the UTMF website as soon as the page is ready (within the next few weeks).


FAQ:  What time will the entries begin on Nov. 19th?

Answer:  The race entry button will be activated on Nov. 19th at 10:00am Japan Standard Time.


FAQ:  Which races are considered qualifying races for the UTMF and STY?

Answer:  Qualifying races outside of Japan are the same as those listed on the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) official race website. http://www.ultratrailmb.com/page/87/List_of_qualifying_races.html


FAQ:  By when do I have to complete my “qualifying race”?

Answer:  In order for a race to qualify, you must have completed the race between Jan.1, 2010 and the day you register for the UTMF/STY. You will be required to provide the name of the race, race date, your race number (bib number), and finishing time on your race registration form.