“Important information regarding practice runs.

The UTMF and STY courses run through private property owned and lived on by the property owners. This means that when we’re accessing the course, we are entering thier private property. In order to put on this race, the race office has obtained special permission from each of the land owners to enter their property during the race. However, we have not obtained permission to use this land before and after the race.

When out on practice runs, please keep in mind that there are people who own, manage and live on this land. Also please be aware that there are sections where practice runs are not allowed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

During hunting season, there are hunters with rifles entering the mountains. Please be careful and wear bright clothing so that you can easily be seen when out on practice runs.

In some of the mountainous sections, there may be snow. If so, you may need crampons. Please do not enter such areas for practice runs if you do not have experience up in the mountains with snow/during winter.

The detailed course maps for practice runs will be announced in mid-February. The no-practice run sections will be clearly marked on these maps.