The race course will be marked with reflective markers (long strips of reflective tape) similar to that used on roads and highways. It’s important that you understand the characteristics of this reflective tape so please read this section very carefully.

The reflective markers can be very clearly seen when a light is pointed at it directly from the front. However, the markers cannot be seen if the light is pointed at it from a different direction.

This means that if you wear your headlamp on your head, the light beam will point directly at the reflective marker and you will be able to clearly see it. On the other hand, if you wear the light around your waist, you may not be able to see it depending on how far away you are from the marker.

For example, if you wear the light on your waist, you will be able to see the marker when you are approx. 50m away as the light will directly point towards the marker. However, as you approach the marker (from approx. 20m away), the light beam will be too low to properly reflect the marking tape. Also, if you stand next to a person wearing a headlamp, it will be difficult to see the marker because of the light from their headlamp.
Given the nature of the reflective course markers, we highly recommend that you wear a headlamp on your head (as opposed to you waist).

There will be one exception between the following sections where fog is expected: Hashita Touge (Hashita Pass) – Fumoto – Tenshigatake, Mizugatsuka – Tarobo. These sections will be marked with both the reflective course marking tape as well as lights. Additional reflective marking material will also be used within sections of the army training grounds after Tarobo.