Official DVD “UTLRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI 2013” is now available on Amazon.jp. http://p.tl/nUFt
In this DVD you will be able to watch an English version with subtitles of the documentary covering both the UTMF(Ultra-Trail Mt.Fuji 161km) and the SYT(Shizuoka to Yamanashi 87.4km).
We recommend 2013 participants as well as future participants of UTMF 2014 to watch these selected footages.

1 UTMF(ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.Fuji 161km) 50 min.
2 STY(Shizuoka to Yamanashi 84.7km) 27 min.
3 100miles -Another Round- 45min.
Since the product is sent from Japan, postage cost is subject to change depending on region.
You can buy the DVD on the following site: http://p.tl/nUFt
Check the YouTube videos too!
http://youtu.be/PGt1deRsLTY (Digest)
http://youtu.be/fMbdLPoBgY4 (Opening)