An official UTMFmovie is being made again this year. Video clips of some of the highlights will be available on You Tube. There will be live coverage of the event as well.

– Video footage of the race is not available yet (of course!)
– There will be 3 channels

CAM 1: Live coverage of the world’s top racers battling it out to win the race.
Starting at Apr. 25 15:00, we will be at the aid stations in advance to follow the top racers until they reach the finish line the next day.

CAM 2: This live coverage is not of the top racers but of the racers are at the back.
We wil be following their 46 hour journey around Mt. Fuji from various aid stations.

CAM 3: Live coverage of all the racers coming in across the finish line.
A “Finish Line Camera” will be set up in front of the finish gate at Yagisaki Kouen to capture every single racer’s joyous moment.
Remember to smile! There will also be multiple cameras during the race covering the top racer’s finish as well as awards ceremony.


You Tube video clips will be available on The North Face channel.
We will be covering the 169km race around Mt. Fuji using camera crews up in the mountains, running camera crews and radio-controlled helicopters.
Edited video footage will be made available during the race.

Only a small sampling of the footage will be available on You Tube. A DVD covering the entire race will be available for sale after the race. Reservations to purchase a DVD can be made beforehand.

Online streaming coverage of the race will aslo be available – details to be announced soon.

Racers, supporters and volunteers. We wish you all the best of luck and hope you enjoy the UTMF and STY!