Our official shuttle partner, Fujikyu Travel’s Fujiyama Tour accepts reservations for UTMF/STY from May 1st.

These shuttle bus services (and packaged with accommodation for STY) are provided by Fujiyama-Tour and arranged for those who need access to UTMF events (runners, families, crews, spectators, etc.).

Please reserve your seats in advance by call or on website. Reservation window will be closed at 6pm on Friday, September 4th, but it could be sold out way before. Please plan ahead and reserve early.


– Shuttle bus between Shinjuku, Yokohama, Shizuoka station and Yagisaki Kouen (Kawaguchiko)
– Both inbound and outbound

– Shuttle bus packaged with accommodation at Fujisan Kodomo no Kuni (start of STY), from/to Shinjuku, Yokohama or Shizuoka station
– Shuttle bus on Saturday morning before STY start
– From Yagisaki Kouen (Kawaguchiko) to Fujisan Kodomo no Kuni, via Fuji-Hokuroku Parking lots
– From Gotemba, Shin-Fuji station to Fujisan Kodomo no Kuni
– Shuttle bus on Sunday after STY finish
– From Yagisaki Kouen (Kawaguchiko) to parking lots of Fujisan Kodomo no Kuni

For international visitors to both UTMF and STY
Packaged tour from/to Narita International Airport (NRT) or Shinjuku Station

Contact: (bus operator company) http://www.fujiyama-navi.jp/tour/detail/id/231/