In 2015 edition, there are cutoff times at checkpoints will be set up at both entrance and exit of the aid station. This is to secure good enough time for those who rush in close to cutoff time. Runners are to go through both before each cutoff times to keep running their race.

Example: At checkpoint A, cutoff at 10:10am for entrance and 10:20am for exit. Even if a runner comes in close to 10:10am, he/she could have at least 10 minutes at aid station, which is enough time to refill and refuel to keep going safe.

If you miss to go through any checkpoints by cutoff time, you will be immediately disqualified. Please move up to next aid station so that race staff can confirm your drop and remove timing tips from your shoes. These dropped runners will have rest at aid station but are not allowed to go back to course.

Please refer to section 6, “Cutoff times and timing at checkpoints” in our “Rules & Regulations”. For list of all cutoff times, please see “Course Map” section.