All crews, spectators and press people (refer as “crews” hereafter) must follow rules, and some of them are for preservation of natural environment. In case that crews do not comply rules nor direction of race staff based on rules, or did not pay good enough attention to comply rules, race organization will force them to get out from the event. In that case, runners of such crews might be disqualified, penalized with additional one hour / three hours / six hours to their course time., or refuse them to participate in our future events.


In use of aid station and crewing runners
・Crews can serve their runners at designated area in aid stations, except for A1 Shojiko, A2 Motosuko, W2 Awakura, and A9 Niju-Magari.
・Crews can walk in and serve runners at designated area (refer as “crew area” hereafter) only. Food and drink replenishment area is solely for runners, no access for crews.
・Only runners can be handed food and drink from staff at replenishment area in aid station.
・Only one crew member, with crew’s number card visibly on chest, can serve runner directly at ・crew area. Crew’s number card should match with runner’s.
Runner will be handed two number cards for runner and crew at check-in. Race organization never reissue crew’s number card.
・One crew member of runner can bring up to 30L baggage to crew area.
・Never bring table nor chair to crew area, where has enough tables and chairs. It is prohibited to save space by bringing own table or chair.
・Be friendly and share crew area with other crews. Do not keep space in crew area way before arrival of runner.
・Estimate time of runner’s arrival with live update website of the event, and start preparation in crew area at half an hour before arrival.
・Evacuate from crew area as soon as possible upon departure of runner for next runners.
・Aid station never provides food and drinks to crews.
・Runners are not allowed to run side by side with crews in any section of the course.
・Crews are prohibited to perform any medical or therapeutical service, even if they are licensed.
・Crews must collect trash from crewing and bring back to home. Never put them into trash box at aid station.
・NThe use of camping stoves/fire at A4 KODOMO-NO-KUNI, A7 SUBASHIRI, A8 YAMANAKAKO and A10 FUJIYOSHIDA is prohibited.
・Keep silent when spectating in downtown and residential area, not to annoy local residents with noise and voice from the event.

For parking
・It is strongly prohibited to park on road near Yagisaki-koen to go start / finish area in Kawaguchiko. Park at Fujihokuroku parking lots and take free shuttle to Yagisaki-koen. See information for access to Fujihokuroku parking lots and and free shuttle to Yagisaki-koen
・Crews who park at Kokomo-no-kuni should show parking permit for this event. Race organization will send two parking permits in advance, one for runner and another for crew. Ask runner and get parking permit or crew can not park there.
・It is strictly prohibited to park on road near A3 Fujinomiya. Parking lots for A3 is a bit away from aid station, and crews should park there and take a free shuttle ride to A3. Cars parked on road near A3 will be immediately reported to police and towed away.