We race organization hereby announce that Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji 2015 edition was closed with no major accident. I sincerely appreciate all racers who are fully aware of importance of self-control, and all volunteer staff who supported our event with deep understanding of this sport and racers.

It was raining all through the race days in 2015 edition. In spite of three previous editions in ideal weather conditions, we had been prepared for poor weather conditions like this year. Even though, I am deeply sorry to have some troubles this year like waiting on the course to avoid crowd on trail, so many racers who are forced to withdraw due to taking longer time to go through Tenshi Mountains than expected, and those who are left for hours to be picked up by shuttles at aid stations after withdrawal. We race organization shall improve operations by learning from all the experience in this year event.

We are currently studying on natural environment and damage on trails after the event. We will report the result of study to the related authorities as soon as possible, and make use of it for future event.

We regret that significant number of racers did not fully equipped with mandatory kit. Considering my personal experience in moving and spending rainy hours in mountains in autumn, I must say that our mandatory equipment kit was minimum to keep racers safe during the event. We should put more effort to enlighten all racers about why do we require each piece of equipment as mandatory.

As our event is growing as renowned international sport event, we are recognizing that it is getting difficult to keep both to be strict on rules and regulations and to let racers have more associations with support crews, spectators and local residents. We would like to review our rules and regulations in discussion with related parties.

Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji will keep looking back to original concept and mission, and making effort for future with all people who are interested in us. We will deeply appreciate all your help and support for us.

Tsuyoshi Kaburaki, race director of Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji