The information below is for the 2016 UTMF.


This race has taken many measures to minimize the impact on the environment and the surrounding areas. All supporters, spectators, and press (therein referred to as “supporters”) are required to abide by the following rules and instructions provided by race staff. If these rules are not followed, you may be asked to leave the event. Depending on the circumstances, the runner you are supporting may also be disqualified or penalized by adding 1, 3 or 6 hours to their race time. They may also be prohibited from participating in future races.

Environmental Protection Rules
  • Please wash the soles of your shoes to clean off any dirt/seeds/vegetation using the brushes provided at the aid stations when entering the race course. This is to prevent the spread of invasive species/non-native seeds and to prevent vegetation from urban areas from being carried up into the environmentally sensitive mountain regions.
  • You must stay on the trail at all times. Do not step off the trail to shortcut corners.
  • Picking up or damaging plants, animals, fungi and rocks found along the race course as well as within the overall race area is prohibited.
  • Do not throw garbage along the course. All garbage must be carried home with you.
  • Please use the toilets located at each aid station. Also, please carry and use a portable/disposable toilet and use it if you are unable to wait. Do not throw away toilet paper along the trails. All toilet paper must be carried out with you.
  • In order to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions, we ask for your cooperation by using public transportation or carpooling.
Aid Stations & Support Crew Rules
  • Friends and family can assist racers within designated areas at aid stations, except for W1 NARUSAWA, A1 SHOJIKO, A2 MOTOSUKO, W2 TENSHI-NO-MORI, A4 FUJINOMIYA, W3 AWAKURA and A8 NIJU-MAGARI.
  • Support can only be provided within designated support areas inside the aid station.
  • The food and drink replenishment areas in or the aid station can only be entered by the racer (supporters may not enter this area). Only the racer is allowed to pick up food and drinks at the replenishment areas.
  • Only one supporter may enter the designated support area to directly/physically assist the racer (with the exception of children under 12). The supporter's bib should be pinned to his/her chest and be clearly visible. The number should match the racers.
  • Each racer will be handed one race supporter bib upon check-in. If lost, this supporter bib cannot be reissued.
  • A supporter may only bring into the designated support area one bag with a maximum capacity of 30 liters.
  • The designated support areas will have tables and chairs. Supporters may not bring in their own tables and chairs into these areas.
  • The designated support area will be shared by many supporters. Please do not stay in this area for long periods of time before the arrival of your racer. Please be considerate of the other supporters and share the space with others.
  • Estimate the arrival time of your racer using the Live Update website. Enter the designated support area to prepare half an hour before arrival.
  • Once your racer leaves the designated support area, please quickly make space for others.
  • The food and drinks at the aid stations are only for the racers and are not available to the supporters.
  • Supporters may not run alongside racers.
  • Medical assistance by support crews is prohibited.
  • All garbage must be carried with you back home. Do not throw out garbage at the aid stations.
  • The use of camping stoves/fire at A5 KODOMO-NO-KUNI, W4 SUBASHIRI, A7 YAMANAKAKO and A9 FUJIYOSHIDA is prohibited.
  • Please do not shout or make loud noises when cheering on your racers when close to towns and residential areas as this may upset the local residents.
  • Parking along the road near Ohike Kouen is strictly prohibited. Please park at the Fujihokuroku parking lot and take the free shuttle bus to/from Ohike Kouen.
  • A supporter parking permit is required to park at Kodomo-no-Kuni. The race organization will send two parking permits in advance, one for the runner and another for the supporter. If you are a supporter, make sure to obtain this parking permit from your runner.

This race can only be successful with the full cooperation of not only the race staff, but everybody involved including all the volunteers, racers, supporters and spectators. We ask that you be considerate towards the local people and facilities and abide by all the rules so that we can continue to build a world-class UTMF that we can all be proud of. Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Aid Stations