The title posted earlier was incorrect and thus corrected from “UTMF/STY 2018” to “UTMF 2019.”

Race registrations begin on October 17, 2018 at 12 noon Japan Standard Time. 
Please note that beginning from the UTMF 2018, qualifying races for the UTMF are only those races registered with the International Trail Running Association (ITRA).
Please read the following carefully before starting the entry procedure:

Information needed for the entry
(1) Completed qualifying trail race information:
For each qualifying race (an ITRA-registered race) you have completed, you will need to enter the race name (written in English), the date, your race number, and finish time.
Make sure that you have this information available before starting the entry procedure.
(2) Race names:
When providing the race names during the entry procedure, please use the names listed on the ITRA (English) website.
The International Trail Running Association (ITRA) website: https://itra.run/
Race names in short forms or those entered in languages other than English (including Japanese) will NOT be accepted.
Acceptable: Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji 2018
NOT acceptable: UTMF 2018 or ウルトラトレイル・マウントフジ2018

How to look up ITRA points
Go to the ITRA website (https://itra.run/community/) – available in English, French, and Spanish.
● Check the races you have participated in and any points earned:
Top page → Find a runner → Enter name and nationality and then search.
● Look up ITRA points you have earned from ITRA-registered races:
Top page → Races → Calendar→ Enter the period and location of a race and then search.

Rules & Regulations
You must read and fully understand the Rules & Regulations before the entry.

Racer Qualifications
Make sure you read and fully understand “Regarding Race Entries” on the official UTMF website.

General Category Entry (for racers outside of Japan)
* General category entries both from within Japan and overseas will be selected through a lottery.
Selected racers will pay the race fee upon selection.

Priority Registration
Priority registration will be given to the UTMF 2018 top 100 finishers in the men’s category and the top 20 finishers in the women’s category.

Priority Registration page for racers outside of Japan

*Please note that the webpages for General Category Entry differ from those for Priority Registration.
*You will lose your Priority Registration eligibility if you fail to complete your entry within the entry period (October 17-28, 2018).
*No refund will be given if a racer without priority registration eligibility registers for the race from the priority registration page and pays the entry fee.
*Despite having finished in the top section of the UTMF 2018 as outlined above, you must still earn the necessary ITRA points before you register for the UTMF 2019.

Entry with Donation
If you would like to register for the UTMF 2019 and make a donation to be used for the environmental activities of the NPO Fuji Trail Runners Club, please do so using the appropriate link below:

Entry with donation for racers outside of Japan
*You cannot register if you do not satisfy the racer qualifications – see above.
*The donation is NOT tax deductible at this point.
*No deposit fees apply to the payment of the donation and participation fee for general category registration racers who make a donation.