The Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji 2020 Race Information
In Relation to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

               Tsuyoshi Kaburaki,
               Overall Director of the Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji Race Committee

As you are aware, various sport events have been canceled around the world due to the effect of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
A UTMF Race Committee meeting was held on February 27th to discuss the course of action we should take.
The following is the announcement regarding current decisions that the UTMF Race Committee has reached.

1) Whether the UTMF 2020 will be held:
As of February 27, 2020, we are preparing to hold the race as scheduled.
However, the future development of the coronavirus outbreak is uncertain.
We thus expect a scenario in which the situation makes a turn for the worse and forces us to cancel the race.
We are therefore still discussing with various stakeholders about our possible responses.
The following are the plans and actions which are now scheduled.

2) Race-related schedule (subject to change)
  - Friday, February 28 (today): The first current race status announcement
  - Monday, March 16: Race Committee to meet to determine whether the UTMF 2020 is to be held or not, and to make the second race status announcement

3) Race operation policy if the race is to be held
We have set the following policies to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus infection:
i. reduce non-race operations and activities as much as possible; and
ii. take precautionary measures to reduce direct contact between people and materials during the race.
Based on these basic policies, we are going to take the following precautionary measures during the race:

 i. Racers will be asked about their health status, and asked to take their temperature upon racer check-in.
 ii. All staff members to wear masks and gloves, and conduct frequent disinfection.
 iii. Supporters are prohibited from providing personal support for racers (including at aid stations).
 iv. Supporters are not allowed to enter any aid stations.
 v. All food (especially food cooked on-site), beverages, and other items offered at aid stations will be reevaluated.
 vi. Conditioning and care services (e.g. massage and taping services) offered at the race venues and aid stations are canceled.
 vii. The UTMF Marche (food and beverage booths) will be canceled.
     April 25 and 26 at Kawaguchiko Park
     April 24 at Fujisan Kodomonokuni
 viii. The following ceremonies will be held without an audience, and instead will be distributed over the Internet using streaming media.
     April 23: Racer briefing and press conference
     April 25: Award ceremony, closing ceremony, and press conference
 ix. The following events will be canceled.
     April 23 to 26: The UTMF EXPO
        April 23 and 25 and 26: Events held at Kawaguchiko Park
        April 24: Events held at Fujisan Kodomonokuni
     April 24 to 26: Gift exchange for Fujisan Rally (The rally period will be extended, and gift exchange will be held in the UTMF 2021.)
 x. Racers from specific countries and regions (to be announced) will be asked to refrain from participating in the UTMF 2020.

4) Information for racers
 - If the UTMF 2020 is held:
   * Racers who canceled their participation (DNS) will receive the priority entry right to the UTMF 2021 regardless of the location of their residence.
    Please note that entry fee is required in such a case.
   * Racers do not need to contact us to inform that they are canceling their participation, nor complete any procedure to do so.
   * We will ship participation prizes to racers who request them. Please note that racers are to pay the shipping fee.
   * There is no refund for the entry fee paid for the UTMF 2020.
     No entry fee exemption or discount for the UTMF 2021 is to be offered.
   * All of the above apply to donation-based entries as well.
 - If the UTMF 2020 is canceled:
   * All racers will receive the priority entry right (with entry fee) for the UTMF 2021.
   * We will ship participation prizes to all racers.
   * Please wait for our next announcement regarding the refund of entry fee paid for the UTMF 2020 and discount and exemption of entry fee for the UTMF 2021.
   * All of the above apply to donation-based entries as well.